This film is currently in production while we are raising the funds to complete the documentary.

Filming started in October 2011 and ran through until the end of 2012 culminating with an intense week of filming at Ironman Arizona in Tempe. The post-production process has started with rough cut editing before the detailed editing process begins.

You can follow our progress from the beginning of 2012 throughout the year on the timeline below. You can also use this to help us to celebrate the surgeversaries for each of our cast members, the anniversary date of their last surgery!


  • Jan9-122013

    Parent Heartwatch Conference – the crew interview leading cardiologists from around the world.

  • March1-152012

    Filming on location in Seattle with Dave, Ellen and Adam. Elle has a full cardiology check up.
  • March15
    Jim OldfieldJim’s Surgeversary:
    email him at jim@flatlinetofinishline.com
  • March26
    Ellen CharnleyEllen’s Surgeversary:
    email her at ellen@flatlinetofinishline.com
  • March30
    Adam KnightAdam’s Surgeversary:
    email him at adam@flatlinetofinishline.com
  • April8-142012
    ChicagoFilming on location in Chicago – Ellen finds out she has to move again and has to work out how to maintain her training through the transition and in her new home.

  • April15-212012

    Jim OldfieldFilming on location in Michigan – Jim grapples with his training and race plans for the year.

  • April15-302012

    Filming on location in Seattle with Dave and Adam. Adam is quickly realizing what a huge commitment the training is going to be and concerned about how he will fit this into his life busy with his own business and filming this documentary. Dave helps Adam with his training schedule and plans.

  • April22-302012

    Ryan LeongFilming on location in Seattle – Ryan visits from Hawaii and trains with Adam on his new bike.

  • April302012

    Tragedy strikes the team.

  • May9-152012

    Filming on location in Spokane. Ironheart and Team Blaze come together.

  • May20

    Dave WatkinsDave’s Surgeversary:
    email him at dave@flatlinetofinishline.com

  • May222012

    www.flatlinetofinishline.com goes live.
    The first documentary trailer is released to the public.
    Documentary producers ask the public to share the trailer and take it viral.

  • June1-302012

    Tune up with members of the cast at the Ironheart race series in the Pacific Northwest at www.ironheartracing.com.

  • June62012

    Filming on location in Seattle – Dave faces a cardiology exam he has been dreading.

  • July1-312012

    Training plans start full for all of the cast to prepare sufficiently for Ironman®.

  • July14

    Patrick HightPatrick’s Surgeversary:
    email him at patrick@flatlinetofinishline.com

  • Aug3

    Jeremy WoodwardJeremy’s Surgeversary:
    email him at jeremy@flatlinetofinishline.com

  • Sept122012

    HEART: Flatline to Finish Line wins its first award at PITCHFEST in Los Angeles.

  • Nov152012

    The Ironheart Team Arrive in Phoenix.

  • Nov182012


  • Dec14

    Ryan LeongRyan’s Surgeversary:
    email him at ryan@flatlinetofinishline.com