Race Day


Ironman Arizona Race Day Part 1


It’s a beautiful day in Arizona.  Some four hours have passed since the swim started at 7 am.  All 7 Flatline to Finish line athletes (aka cast members) came out of the water with amazing times.

Ryan came out in 56 minutes – I think the cold water for this fair weather Hawaiian made him swim like a fish!  Next up was Ellen, with a smashing time of 1.06, especially considering she hasn’t eaten in 36 hours.  We then had Ironheart Racing team member Rick Armiger coming in at 1.18, followed very closely by Tristin Olsen Roy in 1.19.  Tristin is racing in memory of our hero Scott Roy. Patrick came out in a very respectable time of 1.31, with Dave and Jim battling it out to bring up the rear. Dave in came in 1.44 and Jim knocked some 30 minutes off his previous attempts, leaving the water in 1.48.

Now the athletes are  spread out over the bike course, with Ryan out front nearly at half way point.  The rest are battling it out on the loops for position as the weather starts to really heat up.  Pacing will be key as an Ironman ends with a marathon.

The journey over the last couple of days has been nerve racking with Ellen getting food poisoning and needing an emergency IV yesterday. The excitement this morning was Jim forgetting his tri shorts.  He only realized it while in the T1 changing tent so, like any brave man racing with heart, he jumped on his bike in his swim shorts minus any padding!


You can follow all our athletes on http://www.myathletelive.com/


Race numbers are:

Ryan = 1892

Ellen = 879

Rick = 215

Tristin = 662

Dave = 2287

Patrick = 2723

Jim = 2925

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