Jim Sizzle

Jim talks about his old lifestyle – see how he’s changed!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the crew at Ironheart Productions !! With the New Year upon us, we’ve had time to reflect on an epic 2012. We started the year with high hopes at making a feature-length documentary focusing on a group of cardiac athletes overcoming obstacles and finding glory at the finish line. We thought [...]

Race Day

RACE DAY IS HERE Ironman Arizona Race Day Part 1   It’s a beautiful day in Arizona.  Some four hours have passed since the swim started at 7 am.  All 7 Flatline to Finish line athletes (aka cast members) came out of the water with amazing times. Ryan came out in 56 minutes – I [...]

Iron Dog

Always look on the bright side of life

Patrick Hight This has been an ugly week for me. Last Monday morning at 4:00, I was awakened by what felt like somebody was stabbing me in the lower left back. Dang near knocked me out of the bed! I got up and took some Advil and rubbed in some heat, thinking it was a late [...]

Like Waiting For Santa

Ryan Leong I’m now less than four days from toeing the start line of a race I watched on TV as a child, seen in person, dreamed of racing, and was the main reason I got into the sport of triathlon: Ironman™ World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The best way to describe the anticipation is [...]

Racing in the city that never sleeps

Ryan Leong Racing in the city that never sleeps: Ironheart Racing Team was well represented at the IM US Championships, held on 8/11/12, with 10 athletes toeing the starting line (or barge, in this case).  In total, over 2,700 athletes from 46 different states and 44 different countries chose to participate in the first IM [...]

Aloha Kona!

Dean Johnson 08/26/12 – Ironman Louisville, KY Like all Ironman races we sign up for way, way in advance they seem so far away, then BAM! its here. I’d been checking the weather report daily for the previous months leading up to the race like a man possessed, god knows why I can’t influence it. Well [...]

Some Like It Hot

Ellen Charnley Well as you all know , open water swimming in the Monterey Peninsula has been surprisingly challenging and frankly very unattractive (for those of you who missed the previous blog updates, lets just say Jelly Fish and Sharks!)… Time is running out with only 7 weeks to go until race day, so I [...]

The Director’s Cut – Notes from David Watkins

September 13- Ellen, Don and I just got back from a fantastic few days in Culver City, CA where we were honored with being a finalist in the West Coast Documentary and Reality Conference’s Pitchfest on September 12. What does being a finalist mean?  There was an international pool of applicants.  The 12 finalists were [...]