The Story

Flatline to Finish Line Open Heart Surgery RecoveryWhat happens when you take complicated cardiac patients, who have faced death head on, and put them at the starting line of the world’s toughest endurance race?They know rock bottom. They’ve been beaten down, chewed up and spit out. Their bodies have ached from doctors ripping open their chest. Their scars are a constant reminder that they were once weak and frail. These individuals have something to prove. To their family, their community, their doctors, and most importantly to themselves.

Flatline to Finish Line Ironman® TrainingFollow David Watkins as he brings together individuals that clearly break the mold in what defines athletes. They will spend a year training and preparing to meet pain and suffering like never before. Coming from all corners of the country, they will meet together at the starting line to the rest of their lives. Eight athletes. One goal. Making it to the finish line of Ironman®, a 140.6 mile endurance race that will test their minds, bodies, and most importantly, their hearts.

From flatlining on the operating table to their first steps, then their first day of training. You will soon learn that, with a strong mind, and a healthy amount of determination, you can accomplish the impossible. Learn what it means to have heart… an IronHeart.

“The very best medicine for your heart doesn’t come in a pill bottle…it’s exercise”
Dr. Marc Gillinov, Heart Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic.

Ironman Ellen
Ironman Dave