Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the crew at Ironheart Productions !!

With the New Year upon us, we’ve had time to reflect on an epic 2012.

We started the year with high hopes at making a feature-length documentary focusing on a group of cardiac athletes overcoming obstacles and finding glory at the finish line. We thought we could basically write out exactly how things would go. Cardiac patient faces, adversity, trains for Ironman®, finds triumph at the finish line. Big mistake. It didn’t take long before we realized what rookies we were in thinking this!

A few months into training, not all was good, positive and pie in the sky. The entire cast had significant barriers to overcome, some with devastating consequences, changing lives and impacting future decisions as to whether they would be able to get to the starting line let alone the finish line.

We captured all of this on camera, filming across the country from Washington to New Hampshire, Hawaii to Illinois, and California to Michigan. As we started to review the 200 plus hours of footage, it became clear that we were no longer telling a ‘guts to glory’ story.

We all joined together to be part of something bigger than any one of us as individuals. Combining our common threads: heart disease and our love of Ironman®, we used these as inspirational metaphor in redefining strength and inspiring others to take care of their most vital organ, their heart. We wanted to bring attention and raise funds to tackle the number one epidemic that kills more than all forms of cancer, diabetes, accidents and respiratory disease combined.

In September, we attended our first filmmakers’ conference in LA. We didn’t know what to expect and were surrounded by experienced film and TV industry veterans. The experience was fantastic albeit it intimidating, however we did what we know best and told our stories in front of a theater of 200 plus professionals. Not only did we have the audience in tears but we also won second place in a ‘pitching’ competition for most promising documentary film. Wow, this was official validation that we were doing something that the world wanted to see!

November 18th, 2012 – Ironman® Arizona, race day. Our day of reckoning was here…. and what an amazing day it was. Don was brilliant as our Producer and logistics guru. Some raced, some didn’t. We even added a few amazing folks that we met along the way. We captured tears of pain and tears of joy from the water, the sky and the land with an amazing 10-strong camera crew.

All in all, we got our ‘guts to glory’ after all. However, as we begin the editing process, it’s becoming a sub plot to the much greater one. It’s time to change what we think and how we respond to heart disease. Through our stories, we want to give hope to those feeling hopeless. We want to bring compassion to those feeling apathetic about those with heart conditions. We will shed light on the fact that one young athlete dies every 3 days from sudden cardiac arrest and that it can be prevented. Our goal is to raise not only awareness but funds to help cardiac screening organizations and endurance sports charities. Through our stories, we hope to teach the world that if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.

It’s a big task we’re now committed to achieving and we can’t do it without your continued and ongoing support. We’re still in desperate need of funds for the editing and post-production process. We need your help spreading the word and building our followers. If you haven’t already done so join our cause by clicking here and if you have some small amount left over from the holidays to donate to our cause then click here. We know we can’t do this alone and need you to join us in our journey.

Now, time to celebrate an amazing year, have a sip of champagne, and get ready for another epic one in 2013!

Thanks again for your continued support. See you at the Oscars (a quote from Donald)!

Dave, Ellen, Don and Adam