The Ironman® Journey of Open Heart Surgery Patients

Help us to save lives by raising awareness of heart defects and the importance of living a heart healthy lifestyle.By donating to our project you will help us complete this documentary that we hope to get to the Oscars to reach the broadest possible audience which will inspire, change and save lives.

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An inspirational feature length documentary being filmed about a driven group of cardiac patients who are attempting to complete the world’s most grueling race, the Ironman® Triathlon. Along the way, they will explore the controversy surrounding sudden death in athletes. This project needs your help in raising funds to move into post-production. Your help is needed to share this inspirational message and to assist in raising funds for proper cardiac screening, which can, and will save lives.

The documentary is a first for Director Dave Watkins, himself a survivor of open-heart surgery and one of the 8 team members who competed in the Ironman® in November 2012. You can follow the cast’s progress on the website all the way through the launch of the film in 2014. You can also help support the production of the project through our tax-deductible fundraising program.

CNN Interview with Dave

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“Obesity, inactivity, diabetes at an early age, high blood pressure, high cholesterol are all increasing because people are sedentary.”
Dr Richard Krasuski, Cardiologist, Cleveland Clinic.

Highlights of the Journey